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I am responsible when anyone, anywhere reaches out for help, I want the hand of AA To always be there, for that, I am responsible

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District 13 Minutes

April 15th , 2018

DCM, Steve S., welcomed everyone to the District 13 business meeting, located at the Fellowship Hall inside the New Horizons Church in St. Elmo. The meeting started at 5:00 pm on Sunday, March 15h, 2018 with the Responsibility Declaration.


Responsibility Declaration

I am responsible.  When anyone, anywhere, reaches out for help,

I want the hand of AA to always be there.  And for that, I Am Responsible.


15 people were in attendance.


Officer Reports


Secretary’s Minutes: Minutes were read and approved.


Treasurer’s report is attached in email or on a separate piece of paper, depending on how one is receiving this. Treasurer not present.


Report was read and accepted.


Literature: Joe R and Aaron K report Vandalia and Effingham have a good supply of Big Books and other literature, if any group needs, they have it.


CPC-PI:  Gail B reported she made a visit to CRC in Vandalia and gave them District 13 website information so they have access to printable where and whens.


Website:  Bruce B reports the website is up to date and if anyone has any info they want on the page to please contact him. Our website is ildistrict13AA.org.  Members can leave a message for Bruce on the site if there is anything they need to upload or call Steve S. at 618-335-6886.


Keeper of the Coins: Dennis R. reports he will be placing an order for coins. If any group need coins please call.  His number is 618-292-2198.


Grapevine:  Joe R. reports he is available if any homegroup would lie a subscription to please get ahold of him.


Corrections: Dave M. reports Vcc is going well. Steve T has been approved to go into CCC and is to begin a new meeting!


ADCM: No Report


DCM:  Steve S. reports Paula our Area Chair will be attending next month district meeting. He also advised GSR’s to get a sheet going around for volunteers for the upcoming assembly in June.


The GSR Preamble ~ We are the General Service Representatives. We are the link in the chain of communication for our groups with the General Service Conference and the world of AA. We realize the ultimate authority in AA is a loving God as He may express Himself in our group conscience. As trusted servants, our job is to bring information to our groups in order that they may reach an informed group conscience. In passing along this group conscience, we are helping to maintain the unity and strength so vital to our fellowship.

Let us therefore, have the patience and tolerance to listen to what others share, the courage to speak up when we have something to share, and the wisdom to do what is right for our groups.


GSR Report:


Watson Sunday Night – Steve T. reports meeting has 25-30 in attendance, it is an open discussion, meeting has been doing really well!


Mulberry Grove Sunday Night –  GSR not present.


Courage to Change Monday Night – Joe R reports 17-20 people in attendance, group has had newcomers as well as travelers attend, good mix of people! meeting is a big book study and going well.


Ramsey Tuesday night – Dennis R. reports meeting is small but always a good message.


Effingham Group (tues, wed, thurs, fri)- Aaron K reports meetings are going well, The new group on Thursdays @ noon is off to a good start, 6-8 people in attendance, it is a step and tradition meeting.


Helm’s Wednesday night – GSR not in attendance


ODAAT Vandalia Thursday Night – Doug G. reports 20-40 in attendance, it’s a good meeting!


New Vision – Steve S reports meeting attendance is up 15-20+, Fun meeting, is currently going through Bills Story. The group will be having their anniversary speaker potluck in June!


Saturday Morning Men’s –– Doug G. reports meeting is strong and steady with 6-12 men in attendance.


Saturday Night meeting in Vandalia – GSR not present


Outright mental defectives- Gail B reports meetings are going well. Friday night they are listening to Joe and Charlie. 8-13 in attendance on Tuesdays,  Amber M has stepped into position of the GSR!


Sisters in Sobriety— Lyndsay D reports meeting is going well!


Brown Bag Meeting: Wayne J reports meeting is off to a good start, 4-6 people in attendance and is going well.


Old Business: Tabling idea of having a GSR school until next month.


New Business—


Next business meeting is May 20, 2018 at 5:00 pm at New Horizons Church in St. Elmo.


Meeting was adjourned at 6:00 pm with the Lord’s Prayer.


Contribution Addresses:


AA World Services, Inc.                   

PO Box 459

New York, NY.  10163



Contribution Addresses:


AA World Services, Inc.                   

PO Box 459

New York, NY.  10163



Contribution Addresses:


AA World Services, Inc.                   

PO Box 459

New York, NY.  10163





Contribution Addresses:


AA World Services, Inc.                   

PO Box 459

New York, NY.  10163

Dennis R. – Keeper of the coins- 618-292-2198

Joe R. – Grapevine – 618-410-6575

Charlie E. – Corrections – 618-335-0497

Steve S. – DCM – 618-339-5280

Kat M. – ADCM Secretary – 618-339-5280

Bruce B. – Website – 217-619-1307

Dave M. – Literature- 618-292-4546

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